▶️ WATCH: Crossing the Danube on tightrope


A Hungarian circus artist crossed the river Danube on a tightrope in Budapest on Saturday.

Members of the Capital Circus of Budapest have been preparing for months for this historic event, the first time a person has crossed the river using this method.

Award winning circus artist Laszlo Simet walked 918 feet at a height of 98 feet on tightrope only 0.03 inches thick.

The rope, stretched between cranes on both sides of the Danube and was also held by a team of 20 people, preventing it from swaying too much.

After achieving the feat, Simet hugged his family and looked visibly relieved.

“I’ve put the crown on my career, in the center of Budapest, over the Danube, in front of the Gellert Hill, this was the best act of my life,” he said.

Although Hungarian circus arts are a long-standing tradition in the country, no artist has ever walked across the Danube with only the help of a balance pole.


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