▶️ DA Drops 5 of 7 Charges Against Man Punched by Redmond PD

The Deschutes County District Attorney has dropped five of the seven charges against a man punched by a Redmond Police officer earlier this month.

The altercation between 25-year-old Darian Belles and two officers at Sam Johnson Park was caught on video, August 14th.

D.A. John Hummel says Belles still faces charges of resisting arrest and interfering with an officer … but his office is now also investigating the officers involved.

“Generally speaking, people can’t go out and punch someone in the face,” said Deschutes County DA John Hummel. “Officers are allowed to use force, though, when effectuating an arrest, if the force was justified considering the circumstances and if the amount of force used was reasonable and appropriate.”

His office is looking at whether force was necessary in this case, or if a crime was committed.

Hummel says it’s important for him to be personally involved in the investigation.

“We as a community give officers a badge and a gun and we give them the power to restrict people’s liberty, to put people in handcuffs and put them in jail.” he said. “That’s a tremendous amount of power we give them. With that power comes tremendous responsibility that they must exercise.”

Officer Bryan Holman, who is seen on the video punching Belles twice, was involved in another use of force investigation earlier this summer. He was cleared of any wrongdoing in that incident.

Redmond Police are conducting their own internal investigation, to determine whether the use of force was within department guidelines.

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