▶️ Cyclists say loss of bike lane on 4th St. is ‘step in the wrong direction’



Bend resident Ariel Mendez often uses biking as a form of transportation during summer months.

So he noticed when a portion of the bike lane was removed from 4th Street in Bend earlier this year.

“You could see they had actually ground down the place where the bike lane was and you could actually see the ghost outline of the bike in the bike lane,” Mendez said. “And I thought, man something weird is going on here.”

The City of Bend changed a portion of the bike lane into parking spaces for the new Midtown Yacht Club Food Carts. Now, bikers like Ariel Mendez share the road with cars when biking 4th Street.

“On this street, it just feels like you’re riding along and you don’t know where you’re supposed to go all of a sudden,” Mendez said. “It feels like a step in the wrong direction frankly.”

Allison Platt, a senior planner with the City of Bend, said city code allows for street parking development in that area.

“We had a moment there where the bike lane made sense,” Platt said. “But once that development came in they wanted their on-street parking to serve their development so they applied the standard for that street to their development.”

Platt said the city hopes to make nearby stretches of 2nd Street and 6th Street more bike-friendly within the next ten years.

The development of bike greenways on those streets depends on funding approved by city council. That funding will be considered on August 19.



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