▶️ Cyber Monday is the day for computer deals, analyst says


On a normal day, Amazon handles 66,000 orders worldwide every hour at some 400 fulfillment centers. And Cyber Monday is even busier.

“Cyber Monday is what we prepare for all year round. We’ve hired over 150,000 people this year to handle the demand,” says Katie Condon, director of the North America Field Communications Team at Amazon.

Amazon and other retailers have been working to attract holiday customers for weeks, offering deals since October. That may lead one to wonder if Cyber Monday is still an event. Eric Matisoff from Adobe Analytics says the short answer is: “Yes”. The National Retail Federation expects nearly 64 million Americans to do some shopping on Cyber Monday.

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“I think the fact that Cyber Monday is a big deal is because it’s been ingrained into the culture and that folks expect to have big discounts on that day,” Matisoff says.

And experts say online shoppers are finding plenty of deals because retailers are trying to move merchandise. When pandemic related supply chain shortages eased this year, a lot of stores received extra stock and are now willing to cut prices.

“Cyber Monday is going to be the best sale day of the entire season. We’re expecting discounts as high as 32% on computers. So, if you’re looking to get a computer, today’s the day.” Matisoff says.

Over the weekend, Adobe Analytics also saw discounts of around 15% on apparel, 24% for electronics and 34% off toys. For those who miss Cyber Monday, Matisoff says there’s good news. He expects good deals for computers and other items will continue into December.


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