▶️ Current events bring HS civics classes to life


In Mike Huff’s class at Mt. View High School, you have to keep an open mind. Especially when it comes to current events.

 “The key is to go beyond a headline, and be able to explain it,” he said. “Even if you don’t agree with it, it’s still someone else’s valid point.”

But in this day and age, how do teachers address politics and government without being biased?

“You do a disservice to just ignore it. You go into it knowing that students are going to have strong opinions,” Huff said. “The key for me is learning how to get them to disagree respectfully.”

Huff said current events like the impeachment inquiry, violent clashes in the Middle East and the upcoming presidential election play a big role in his class.

Providing some reality to students about the topics they’re learning.

 “It makes it a little more authentic for the students, as opposed to just reading something that was written so long ago, and seeing how it applies today,” Huff said. 

For junior Kaylee Smith, current events makes everything she’s learning seem more relevant.

“I was familiar with U.S. history and the trends that had happened, but I really didn’t know about how to relate it to current day, because everything that I’ve done has been in the past,” Smith said. “Being able to make those connections between past and present day has been really cool.

For many students like Kaylee, this class is much different than others – in a good way.

It’s an opportunity to become aware of the world around them and hear what fellow classmates have to say.

“When we live in a world that’s all hot and fire, it’s nice to take a break and actually get into what a debate really means and have a mindful conversation,” said Elgin Thompson. 

Elgin said talking about current events makes him feel more informed and prepared for life after Mountain View High.

“I think I’m going to have a lot more resources in the back of my head to play onto whatever life throws at me,” he said. 


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