▶️ Culver School District offers in-person learning option to students


In-person learning will only partly happen for students in the Culver School District.

“We do have an opportunity through the Oregon Department of Education guidance to bring in groups of ten for two hours a day,” Superintendent Stefanie Garber said. “That’s all we can do.”

It’s one of three options the Culver School District is offering to parents for the upcoming school year.

“The second option is they fully stay at home, all-distance learning,” Garber said. “They do get online. The third option is packet-only. They don’t want their children online or have a device.”

The district will release a survey at the end of the week for parents to officially decide on an option for their children.

But many parents said option one is preferred.

“We’re going to go with the option one with the two hours in class,” Artesha Ballard, a parent of three children, said.

“They need the social part of it,” said Molly Heckathorn, who has two children in high school. “Mainly the social part of it.”

“I think there’s always risk involved,” said Daryl Ivie, a parent. “But we take risks every day, so. Concerned, yeah, but I think the school will do a great job of keeping everyone safe.”

The rest of the day for students who do decide to go back to school will be a mix of online learning and traditional pencil and paper work.

Garber says they have enough room and staff to have all students come to school if they choose.

“We want to deliver that to any family who wants it,” Garber said.

It’s not an ideal situation, she added, but it’s something.

“It is the most complicated puzzle I’ve ever been a part of,” Garber said. “But we are willing to do it because in the end the students’ benefit and the families’ benefit and they come first.”


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