Culver schools end lockout; student still in custody after threats

The Culver School District on Thursday morning lifted a lock out after concluding the middle schooler who allegedly made threats to students a day earlier was no longer a threat to the district.

The middle school student who was taken into custody Wednesday remained in custody on Thursday, Superintendent Stefanie Garber said in a letter to parents.

“We are grateful for everyone’s patience and cooperation, the help of the Jefferson County Agencies, and for Jefferson County Sheriff’s department and all their assistance,” Garber said in a letter to district parents. “Our students, staff, and community have been fantastic.”

Schools in the small Jefferson County community were put on lock out Wednesday after they received a report of a student sharing verbal threats against students at the middle school. Out of an abundance of caution the district continued the lock out into Thursday morning.

In to a letter to families from Garber Wednesday, the school was placed on a lock out while Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department officials investigated the situation.

“Law enforcement was called immediately and is investigating all aspects of the situation,” Garber said in the letter. “Parents of all students concerned, those who were threatened and the student who made the threats, have been contacted. It is our hope that by reaching out to our school community we can expedite the investigation and help control rumors about the situation.”

In a follow-up letter to parents later in the day, Garber said  the “validity of the this threat is being investigated by a multi-disciplinary team…” and that the student was in “hospital/mental health custody.”

“To this end, we will continue with exercising extreme caution and be in LOCK OUT again tomorrow, Thursday, October 17, 2019. During a “LOCK OUT” it is business as usual inside and exterior doors remain locked,” she said in the letter.

Garber also said students should expect to see a law enforcement presence on campus again on Thursday.

“Safety is a priority at Culver schools. If at any time you or a student see or hear of concerning activity, we encourage you to contact the main office or use the SafeOregon tip line to share information,” she said.


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