Culver High School returns to online instruction after COVID contacts increase

Courtesy CS Construction

Increasing contact with COVID cases among students at Culver High School will force them back to online learning for at least the next two weeks, the superintendent announced Tuesday.

The return to online instruction started Wednesday; students are expected to return on May 12th.

Tami Kepa’a, a spokeswoman with Jefferson County Health, said the shutdown was due to COVID contacts, not positive cases at the school.

“The closing of the school was the decision of the superintendent of the school and not Jefferson County Public Health,” she said. “The Superintendent made the decision as the number of cohorts that would be required to isolate continued to increase.”

She said the COVID contacts were due to a number of reasons including school transportation, a recent prom and sports.

“Our priority is to keep your students safe and we regret we have to make this move,” Superintendent Stefanie Garber said in a letter to parents. “Students will need to revert back to Distance Learning and check emails for guidance. It may take a day or so to get everything organized with staff and we appreciate your patience.”

Grab and go meals are available to students and can be picked up at the cafeteria during normal high school lunchtime.


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