▶️ Crooked River Ranch Water Company asking for 36.5% rate increase


A rate increase may be in store for water ratepayers in Crooked River Ranch.

A after eight years without asking for an increase, Crooked River Ranch Water Company Is asking the Public Utilities Commission for a 36.5% rate increase.

General Manager Frank Day says that along with inflation, they have had to increase staff and equipment.

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“But at the same time, we’ve had over a 50% increase in part costs for repairs and things. And it’s just it’s been eight years. It’s been eight years since our last rate increase. So. And that makes a big difference, too. And so it’s been a number of things that that made us request this large increase,” said Day.

The request would raise about $370,000 annually.

There is no final answer yet. The company is still in the process of requesting the increase. 


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