Crook, Jefferson counties remain at ‘High Risk’ as state nears 70% vax target


Tighter COVID restrictions will remain in place for at least another week in Crook and Jefferson counties according to an update Tuesday from Gov. Kate Brown.

The two counties are among nine Oregon counties still in the ‘High Risk” category for COVID transmission.

A complete list of counties and their associated risk levels is available here.

Effective Friday, June 18, there will be 21 counties at the Lower Risk level, 5 at Moderate Risk, and 10 at the High Risk level.

COVID cases have been climbing slightly in Crook County for the last three weeks, according to data from the county health department.

And less than 50% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.

“We are incredibly close to achieving a 70% statewide adult vaccination rate, bringing us closer to returning to a sense of normalcy and lifting health and safety restrictions,” Brown said in a statement. “Vaccines are the best way for Oregonians to protect themselves, their families, and communities against COVID-19. Because so many Oregonians have stepped up to get vaccinated, Oregon’s case rates and hospitalizations have continued to decline.”

On May 11, Governor Brown announced that counties that vaccinate at least 65% of their adult residents with at least one dose and submit documentation on how they will close equity gaps in their vaccination efforts are eligible to move to the Lower Risk level.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, 3,501 more people in Crook County need to get the vaccine for it to reach 65%.

In Jefferson County, about 52% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the vaccine; 2,674 more people need to get it for it to reach 65%.

A county vaccination data dashboard is available on OHA’s website.

Please note that the dashboard displays state vaccine allocations only, and does not track federally administered vaccine doses. Complete equity plans are available here.

Crook County’s COVID dashboard is below

Crook County COVID Epidemiology Summary 6.14.21

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