▶️ Crook County rescues five stranded in Ochoco National Forest


The Crook County Sheriff’s Office said its search and rescue team helped rescue five stranded motorists in the Ochoco National Forest last Thursday. The county SAR team has been busy in the first few weeks of the year with similar rescues.

The motorists were stranded in the Maury Mountains area near the Agate Beds, the sheriff’s office said. SAR was able to pinpoint the people using cell phone data.

SAR members arrived to find one of the five walking away from the vehicle in search of help. 

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Using its side-by-side tracked vehicle and a snowmobile, SAR was able to reach the rest of the stranded people and transport them back to the Prineville area.

Crook County Sheriff’s Office says it wants to remind everyone once contact with help has been made, to stay with the vehicle. A vehicle provides shelter, heat, and a fixed location for emergency personnel to respond. 

The Crook County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people who are traveling in the mountains to turn around if the reach a section of road that is unmaintained. You should also be sure to pack plenty of provisions and tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.


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