▶️ Crook County 8th graders get early look at high school CTE courses


Eighth grade students from Crook County Middle School headed to high school a few months early. They visited Crook County High School Friday to take a look at some of the career and technical education (CTE) classes they might pursue.

These are classes that have a more hands on learning plan rather than just sitting and listening to lectures. Teachers peak their interest with demonstrations and activities

“Every station today has some hands on activity, part of it. So kids are involved. We don’t want them to come up here and just sit and listen to people. We want them to do stuff,” said Ryan Cochran, CTE Coordinator for Crook County High School.

Demonstrations and activities include everything from cooking to robots to construction.

Counselors sat down with them after demonstrations to help them choose classes for their first year of high school.


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