Crook Co. School Board hears investigator report into complaint against chair

Jessica Brumble

The Crook County School Board heard the report from an independent investigator looking into a complaint from a parent about board chair Jessica Brumble Monday night. The complaint stemmed from an incident involving Brumble at last month’s Oregon 4A state volleyball tournament.

The special board meeting was called to order for the public, then quickly went into executive session — behind closed doors — to hear the report.

After more than two hours, the board came back into public session and voted on a number of motions. Brumble and board member Cheyenne Edgerly has previously recused themselves of the matter.

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The board voted to make the investigator’s report public once certain sensitive information is redacted. The board also voted to direct the board to receive training from the Oregon School Boards Association on board member roles. 

According to the complaint, parent Gayden Pack says the incident happened on Nov. 4 at the state volleyball tournament at Springfield High School. Crook County played in a consolation match that morning, losing to Tillamook.

In the complaint which was filed five days later, Pack wrote that she and her husband were thanking the coaches and, specifically, coach Jessica Mumm after the game, saying “you have a lot to be proud of, you’ve done a great job with this team and we’re so thankful for all you’ve given this season.”

Pack said as she was speaking, a family member of Brumble’s and then Brumble herself yelled “Not! Not! No she doesn’t!” Pack claims that they were also pointing and laughing at the group, which included the entire coaching staff and Pack’s family.

Coach Mumm left the gym and Pack said she found Mumm outside, “clearly upset and humiliated by what had occurred.”

Pack also claimed that during the 2023 volleyball season, “we have observed multiple instances of unprofessionalism and lack of respect for the coaching staff from Mrs. Brumble.” But Pack said none had reached the level of what happened at the state tournament.

Some sections of the document are redacted, appearing to reference girls who play on the team.

Pack was calling for Brumble to resign or be removed from the board, saying she exposed children to an act of bullying and violated school district board policies. Pack said another remedy could be a contractual agreement between Brumble and the district to “demonstrate respectful behavior and consistently meet the standards of good sportsmanship.”

Central Oregon Daily News spoke to Pack on Tuesday to get her reaction to the Board’s decision.

“I really respect the work that the district is on and bringing in a third party investigator,” Pack said. “We wanted the facts to speak for themselves and I understand that there’s a lot more evidence that came into the conversation besides what we had observed.”

Pack said she wants Brumble to conduct herself professionally in front of children.

“Our children happened to be there during the incident and we’re pretty upset about it. So I think that, you know, while we expected that she resigned from the board because she’s really unfit to serve, I think that the outcome is acceptable,” Pack said.

Central Oregon Daily News reached out to Brumble last Friday for comment when we received Pack’s complaint, but did not hear back.


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