Coming Thursday: The battle over coyote hunting contests in Eastern Oregon


Oregon’s Fish and Wildlife Commission recently rejected a petition from animal welfare groups calling for a ban on coyote hunting contests. But the commission also directed staff to look for ways to get around current state law which defines coyotes as predator animals — providing vey little protection for them.

Nobody knows for sure how many coyotes live in Oregon. State law defines them as predators. They have virtually no legal protection. The hunting season is year-round — no tags required and no limit.

Organized hunts or derbies have become a flashpoint, as shown by just a few of the people we heard from.

“The intention is to reduce the number so they are not preying on our livestock.”

“They’re really more similar to a blood sport like dogfighting or cockfighting.”

“I don’t understand why people need to kill just for s**** and giggles.”

We spent a day out in Burns to learn about the Coyote Classic.

An Eastern Oregon way of life under fire. Will coyote hunting contests be banned?

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Below is just one look from behind the scenes from our day in Burns, covering this story.


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