▶️ New COVID booster in Oregon, but will you get boosted again?


Oregon has ordered 77,500 doses of the latest COVID-19 vaccine booster and they should be available at your local pharmacy soon. The Oregon Health Authority is urging people to get the newest shot when it is available.

This injection targets the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron variants specifically. 

Moderna and Pfizer have both had their versions of the booster “approved for use” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the Food and Drug Administration.

Moderna’s will be available to those 18 years old and older. Pfizer’s is for those 12 years old and up. 

Both can be taken two months after receiving the second dose of the COVID vaccine. 

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The big question is: Who will take another COVID booster?

Central Oregon Daily News went to Drake Park in Bend and asked people.

Some are not too keen on the idea.

“I’ve had COVID four times and I’m double vaccinated, so I don’t really think it did much for me,” said Andrew Chalmers.

“I never took any of the shots. So, in my near future, I don’t see myself taking any shots,” said Ray of Bend. 

Others are very willing to get another shot.

“I’m willing to get a second booster. I believe in vaccines,” said Socorro, an RN. “I believe if we get vaccinated and we get protected, we can stop or lower the cases of COVID.”

“Yes, I will take it, probably not immediately. I just got my third booster in July so I’ll let that wear down a little bit but definitely plan to take it,” said Stephen Saltzman. 

And we found one man who won’t be the first in line to get it, but he’s not opposed to it. 

“I have been vaccinated and I also had COVID, and it’s just not something I’m super concerned about at the moment. But I’m also open to adding that extra layer of protection if it’s necessary,” said Grant Peck. 

The OHA says it expects the new boosters to meet demand. Shipments have already been coming in and the shots will be available as soon as your local pharmacy receives them, which should be soon.


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