▶️ COVID crisis forces Redmond businesses to close


Amber Amos has one way to describe opening a business during a pandemic

“It’s been a nightmare.”

Amos, owner of the popular Redmond food truck Westside Taco Company, opened a second venture less than a month ago called Westside Local.

“How do you start something when you have nothing to work with?” Amos said. “It’s been very challenging.”

While business has been steady throughout the restaurant’s soft opening, not all have been so lucky.

Five businesses all along 6th Street have closed since the start of the pandemic. Including Red Martini, Cosa Cura, Becerra’s on 6th, Dojo Conditioning Studio, and Soup 2 Nuts.

“Any (loss of a business) is a loss, but going into this I think some people were fearful that it could be a much larger number,” Eric Sande, Redmond Chamber of Commerce director said. “And so we’re learning from this experience and hopefully we’ll continue to learn more, and prevent more businesses from closing.”

Soup 2 Nuts owner Brad Dacus tells Central Oregon Daily that his business was on track for a record year until COVID-19 hit.

Amos says it’s been difficult to see businesses just like her’s have to throw in the towel.

“It is heartbreaking because I know these people, and I know how hard they’ve worked, and I know what they have poured into bringing something amazing to the table,” Amos said. “And to have that taken when you’ve worked your life, or you’ve put every penny that you’ve had into something that folds because it’s a circumstance out of your control…it’s awful to see.”

Amos says in times like these, the community is all small businesses have.

“It’s so important that everybody spends their dollars, they flex their financial muscles locally to help these people, and to the people that may feel like they need to give up, don’t. Because we’re all here for you. And we’re going to get through this together, nobody’s in this alone, we’re in this together. And we will come out stronger and better…that’s a guarantee.”


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