▶️ COVID-19: Economic impact starting to take toll on Central Oregonians


For people who rely on customers for their livelihood, COVID-19 has some worried about their income.

As a full-time massage therapist, Michelle Mora is beginning to feel the effects of the virus’ rapid spread.

“I am definitely worried,” Mora said. “Even today I’ve had a couple of people not show up for their appointments, had some people canceling future appointments.”

“For some reason I just didn’t think the virus was going to affect me at all,” said movement instructor Nancy Scher.

Every morning during the week, Scher teaches movement to seniors in memory care facilities across the city of Bend.

That is, until this week. 

“I got emails and calls yesterday that all my outside classes at the facilities are canceled,” Scher said.

Canceled “until further notice”.

And with the end of the virus nowhere in sight, some people who depend on clients for their livelihoods are growing concerned.

“I have to have clients in order to get paid, and if I don’t have those clients then it definitely affects my paycheck a lot,” said Mora.

“I got scared at first because that’s how I pay my bills,” said Scher. “I do other things too but that is my schedule that I do and it made me feel a little untethered.”

For now, the outlook is simply wait and see.

But that waiting doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

“I know lots of people can work from home but that’s not the case for everyone so I’m a little worried about that,” Mora said. 

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