▶️ Council on Aging program helps provide supplies to seniors with pets


Anyone that takes cares of pets understands the amount of time and effort it takes to properly take care of your furry friend. For many seniors, this can be a challenge, even though their care for the pets are just as much as anyone else’s. Whether it’s going to the pet store for food, or going to the veterinarian for a routine check up, costs and time add up. 

To fight this, the Council on Aging of Central Oregon has introduced the Pet Pals Program. This program delivers pet supplies each month and provides financial assistance with basic veterinary care. Pet Pals is for any participants in Central Oregon for the Council on Aging’s Meals-On-Wheels program. 

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The Council’s website says that they currently serve 76 seniors with a total of 125 pets. The pets range from cats to dogs to even cockatiels. 

To donate, volunteer, or learn more information about the program, check out The Council on Aging of Central Oregon’s website


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