Cougar sightings in SW Bend neighborhood prompts warning


Residents in southwest Bend are keeping their eyes peeled for cougar activity after a kitten was hit and killed by a car and residents spotted the cats on security cams.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say a 5 or 6-month-old cougar kitten was hit and killed April 27th on the Bend Parkway near the Colorado Avenue exit.

That night, a homeowner on the west side of the Deschutes canyon saw an adult and young cougar on their security cameras.

ODFW posted signs in the area thinking the mom was still in the area.

On Wednesday, ODFW received a sighting near River Rim, which was close to where the security camera picked up the activity so they posted additional signs.

If you have dogs, be cautious when letting them out unattended.

And if you do run into a cougar in the wild, the advice is to make yourself appear big, yell and make noise.

Do not turn your back to it.




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