Costco testing membership card scanner to enter the store


The days of simply flashing your Costco membership card to the person at the door may be going away. Multiple reports say the warehouse retailer is testing a system to make you scan your card at the entrance.

Photos of the new system appeared on Reddit in recent days, WBZ-TV reported.  

While Costco reportedly tells CNN it’s meant to improve customer experience, people online are speculating it’s the latest move to prevent customers from sharing their membership cards.  The first visible sign of this effort came months ago when Costco required customers using the self-checkout kiosks to show that the card they were using was actually theirs.

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In a statement to USA Today, Costco reportedly said the move was an effort to improve shopping for customers.

“This test is to match members to their cards at the door prior to shopping for an improved member experience,” Costco said in a statement to USA Today.

CNN reports that using the scanner at the entrance means employees don’t need to ask for the cards at checkout or at the self-checkout kiosks.

Costco membership cards are non-transferrable. One additional member of the household may have a card on the same account, but must have their own photo on it. The company says members can bring children and up to two guests.


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