▶️ Coronavirus derails Bend couple’s dream vacation; ‘we don’t really want to risk that’



A dream vacation planned at just the wrong time.

“It was just a little bit of a disappointment.”

A trip to Thailand has been on Brenda and Shane Gabor’s bucket list for ten years. The Bend couple was supposed to leave Thursday morning for their trip of a lifetime, but now they don’t want to risk it.

All because of coronavirus.

“Concerned a little bit about not actually getting home, and getting back to our lives here, and go back to work,” Brenda said. “We’re both work with public health, so we don’t really want to risk that.”

To get to their destination, the Gabors would have had to stop in Shanghai, China, which is about 500 miles from Wuhan – the epicenter for a virus that has killed nearly 500 people and sickened 24,000.

They tried to re-book through other airports, but none were possible due to risk of quarantine.

“Just that part of the world right now is unfortunately just not a place that we should be traveling,” Brenda said.

Luckily, the couple isn’t at a total loss because they’ve decided last minute to travel to Colombia instead, taking advantage of the time they already took off.

“We’ve never been to South America, and that was kind of the big thing after canceling this trip,” Brenda said. “We want to go somewhere we’ve never been before, a continent we haven’t been to before. So that was like in our minds when we were trying to find somewhere else to go.”

The couple says while they were excited for their trip to Thailand, they’re glad something else worked out in its place.

Just a case of bad timing.


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