Contagious bird flu strain prompts warning to Oregon farmers


The Oregon Department of Agriculture has confirmed the discovery of a highly contagious, deadly strain of avian influenza in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Oregon Capitol Chronicle reports that the strain, known as H5N1, was initially found in a bald eagle in British Columbia. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not believe the strain poses an immediate public health concern, but it can be found in domestic poultry. 

No human cases have been found in the U.S. as of Monday. 

If you notice unusual increases in illness or death in your flocks, report the incidents to The Oregon Department of Agriculture at or 1-800-347-7028. 

The warning comes as another highly pathogenic avian influenza strain, HPAI, spreads throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

The Associated Press reported Friday that a bird flu outbreak at an Iowa egg-laying farm will force the killing of more than 5 million chickens. 


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