▶️ Hybrid, electric vehicles dominate Consumer Reports’ top 10


Consumer Reports is out with its annual list of top vehicles. This year, the majority of the top ten are hybrid or electric.

Behind the wheel of the Toyota Camry hybrid, drivers may notice the lack of noise, especially at low speeds when it’s only powered by an electric motor.

“You end up with just a quieter, kind of more peaceful driving experience,” says Consumer Reports automotive engineer Alex Knizek, who took the Camry out for a spin.

It’s at the top of the 2023 list that considered more than 200 vehicles, based on member surveys, safety features and road tests.

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He says, “The Camry, it’s one of those cars that’s been on the list for consecutive years, and it just does so many things, really, really well.”

It’s one of five hybrids in the top ten. Other hybrids include the Ford Maverick, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai’s Santa Fe, and the Lexus NX350h.

The electric Nissan Leaf and Tesla’s Model 3 are also on the list. In the SUV category, the Toyota Corolla Cross, Subaru’s Forester, and Kia Telluride made the cut. The top ten vehicles all have automatic emergency braking. This year, BMW earned the number one spot on the list of best car brands.

This year’s picks also highlight affordability as vehicle prices rise.

“The average transaction price for a new car right now is somewhere around $45,000, higher than it’s really ever been,” Knizek said. “But on our list this year, we’ve got more than five models that are less than $35,000.”

Vehicles like the Camry can also help drivers save at the gas pump. It gets around 47 mpg.


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