Construction crew punctures natural gas pipe in La Pine; leak forces evacuations


A gas leak in La Pine Tuesday morning forced the evacuation of several nearby businesses, according to fire officials.

La Pine Firefighters responded to a significant gas leak Tuesday morning in front of the La Pine Animal Hospital on Huntington Road.

Chief Mike Supkis said the leak happened in front of the La Pine Animal Hospital on Huntington Road after High Desert Broadband construction machinery hit a 4” gas line sending a plume of dirt and rock upwards 20 feet in the air.

Construction crews we able to evacuate and shut off equipment preventing any fire.

An evacuation and shelter in place order was established for ¼ mile radius and an emergency shelter was opened at Rosland Elementary School.

Evacuations affected La Pine Animal Hospital in which staff took care of all their patients, Mid Oregon Credit Union, La Pine Senior Center, Little Deschutes Lodge Residential Complex, La Pine Physical Therapy and the La Pine Bi Mart Store, as well as the closure of Huntington Road in that area.

La Pine Firefighters evacuated high-risk buildings and Deschutes County Sheriff, and County Road Department set up a safety perimeter.

Firefighters provided air monitoring to ensure the safety area was adequate.

Cascade Natural Gas crews responded to shut off gas to the damaged pipeline by 10:30 am. Huntington Road reopened Evacuation orders were lifted at 10:45 .


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