▶️ Construction begins on Madras affordable housing complex

Affordable housing is one of the greatest concerns for the people of Oregon. Monday, Housing Works was able to celebrate the ground breaking on a brand-new 23-unit apartment complex in Madras.

After nearly a year of applying for loans, grants, and working on logistics, the Red Canyon Apartment complex is officially under construction

“It was beautiful; it’s nice to finally have our equipment come out and start excavating and know that in a year we’ll finally have a new apartment complex,” said David Brandt, executive director for Housing Works. 

Adjacent to the “Canyon East” apartments built by Housing Works in 2010, these new units will help reduce some of the burden for 23 Madras families

“The 23 units of affordable housing will go to low income and very low income tenants; rent will go as low as $300 a month,” Brandt said. “The last time we built new housing in Madras was almost 10 years ago demand has been increasing and supply hasn’t, so it was time for us to step up and build some more units for Madras.”

Affordable Housing is a major concern for every community in Central Oregon.

“Housing is desperately needed; we have homelessness all over the region. The need for this very low income affordable housing is critical,” Brandt said. “We expect to be done in about 12 months; it also includes a little park behind it that we donated about an acre for a little community park.”

Housing Works is one organization trying to tackle this growing concern.

“It’s great to build new units, it’s also frustrating that we can barely keep up because the demand is growing faster than we can provide housing,” Brandt said. “It’s sort of a mix blessing but it’s nice to have some units we can provide to mitigate the situation we’re in.”

Construction is set to begin on a new 63-unit complex in Redmond later this month.

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