▶️ Complaints filed against officer following weekend rally; Bend PD stands by actions


An incident caught on-camera between a Black Lives Matter protester and a Bend police officer led dozens of citizens to file formal complaints on Friday.

Witnesses claim that Corporal Frickey of the Bend Police Department choked a woman of color at a rally on Oct. 3 by pulling her backward by the strap of her backpack, and for a moment, causing her to lose consciousness.

Josie Stanfield, Central Oregon Diversity Project leader, says she witnessed it first-hand.

“I’m infuriated that they can see that video and say, oh yeah we didn’t do anything wrong,” Stanfield said. “She was being choked. I mean you could see it in the video that she was being choked by her backpack strap.”

Stanfield has since spoken with the woman whose backpack was pulled and said she is traumatized.

“How do you deal with a situation like that?” Stanfield said. “She’s scared, she’s shaken. She wants the officer to be reprimanded for what he did to her and she should be. She’s a member of our community that deserves to be protected.”

Word of the gathering to file complaints reached Bend Police, leading them to close their parking lot and warn citizens that “increased response times” could be possible.

Many responded with frustration over social media, with comments like “local police deserve more respect than that” and “shut it down.”

Fredrik Finney-Jordet was one of more than 30 people to file a complaint.

Finney-Jordet said, while he did not witness the incident first-hand, the video was enough to get him to take action.

“It is still my duty as a member of the people and a member of the democracy to come here and make my voice heard,” Finney-Jordet said. “This is objectively not okay.”

Attendees hoped to hand their complaints to an officer directly, but instead were directed to a drop box.

One individual, in a phone call with Captain Parker, was told that an officer would not be coming outside to individually take complaints from people.

Lieutenant Clint Burleigh said the complaints will be processed.

Those who filed complaints say they hope their actions lead to a formal investigation.


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