Colorful quilts decorate Pioneer Park at annual quilt show


Quilts of all patterns and colors were on display Saturday.

The Mount Bachelor Quilters’ Guild held their annual quilt show at Pioneer Park in Bend.

The public got a chance to view the stitched works of art hanging around the park.

A special quilt was made just for the show.

“It’s a guild effort,” said guild vice president Diana Knight.

The raffle quilt featured familiar works of roundabout art.

“We make and donate over 400 quilts a year to various local charities, and so this is a fundraiser to help provide the batting we make those quilts with,” added Knight.

Guild members look forward to the public display of their handiwork.

“I think it’s important for any artist, or anybody who’s serious about their craft, to be able to share it and this gives us an opportunity to share our quilts,” said member Patti Stewart.

If you’re interested in learning more about quilting or the group you can find more information here.


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