▶️ COCC students prepare for unpredictable fall, more online courses


“Back to the classroom” –  that was the plan announced last month by Central Oregon Community College for fall classes.

But with COVID cases surging, there may be fewer in-person classes than hoped.

For some, attending college in the age of COVID hasn’t been easy.

“It started right at the end of winter term there, right into spring,” said kinesiology major Johnny Downs. “And it was interesting to say the least.”

“Very unpredictable and frustrating,” mental health and human services major Kimberly Medlock said.

“It’s been…kind of crazy,” said pre-dental hygiene major Lalana Tran. “I personally don’t do well with online learning.”

With in-person attendance for these students still in the air, the difficulties are likely to continue.

“It’s really confusing, especially registering for classes, because some of them say they’re going to be in person, and then a lot of them just aren’t available yet,” Tran said.

“It depends on the class,” Downs said. “If you’re in a physiology class, definitely hands-on learning is easier than sitting in your chair at home. But things like maybe math, is a little bit easier.”

While some say they’ll push through the next semester regardless of how classes take place…

“I’ve just got this mentality that I’m gonna get it done,” said Medlock. “If I can power through this and make it happen, I’m gonna do it.”

“All online Zoom classes can work. It is a struggle, it will be stressful,” said Downs. “But if we want to get back to school in a normal setting sooner, we all have to do out part.”

Others aren’t nearly as excited about the prospect of online learning.

“A lot of my friends, they might not start going to school until the spring term because they don’t want to have to pay for classes that are just going to be online,” Tran said. “Pretty much everyone is hoping that classes are going to be in person and not online. I’m not really sure how this year is going to play out.”

COCC staff will meet later this week to discuss the topic further.


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