COCC holds drive-thru ‘car-mencement’ graduation


Central Oregon Community College held commencement ceremonies Saturday, with a twist on the usual pomp and circumstance.

Graduates rolled in and strolled across the stage at the drive-thru “car-mencement” on the Bend campus.

The students accepted their diploma on stage to the cheers of proud parents, partners, and friends.

We talked with some newly minted grads as they reflected on the college experience and what’s next.

“I actually loved coding and so to this day it’s what I’ve decided I want to do with my life, and wherever it leads me it leads me,” said David Hernandez.

Dayton Sauer enjoyed her time at COCC, “Everyone was very helpful and happy, and it made you want to learn, and it made it just a positive experience, and it encouraged me to keep going until I got that degree.”

“Since I was about five years old I always wanted to go to college. That was my plan from the start and I knew I was going to accomplish that,” said Alyssa Grotsky who plans to teach elementary school.

“It’s a little different going back to school as an adult and having kids of my own, but I’m glad I got to this and have them see it,” said Mike Doty.

This was the second year COCC held the unconventional style of commencement.


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