▶️ Cleanup continues after windstorm blows through region


“This is why you let professionals deal with large downed trees.”

Tree experts were busy Monday cleaning up after a windstorm swept through the region a day earlier, toppling trees and knocking out power.

Gusts up to 50 mph were reported in town – while winds neared 100 mph at Mt. Bachelor.

In Bend, a 90-foot-tall, 20,000 pound Ponderosa pine came crashing down in the Bend-La Pine Schools administration building parking lot.

Miraculously, there was nobody around, and nobody was hurt. But that doesn’t mean the danger is over.

“There’s a lot of tension in this wood. It’s dynamic. You never know what could happen,” said Justin Ulmer with Arbor One Tree Services. “Most of the injuries from cutting trees come from non-professionals. So if you do have a tree fall, call someone who is professional, accredited.”

It was a different story a few blocks away on Delaware Street where a windblown Lodgepole pine scored a direct hit.

“We were inside just kind of hunkering down we heard sounds like trashcans blowing around and thought no big deal, that happens.” said Kristian Pettyjohn of Bend. “Went to leave an hour later and it’s a little shocking to find a tree on your car. We just kind of stopped and stared at it for a few minutes then we started talking to neighbors and figuring out what the next steps are.”

Trees pulled down power lines causing power outages from Bend south to La Pine.

As many as 6,000 Pacific Power and Central Electric Cooperative customers were without power Sunday but service was restored to almost everybody by Sunday night.

The strong winds also blew down trusses on a home under construction in the River Rim neighborhood in southwest Bend.

But by Monday crews had cleaned up the damaged trusses and resumed construction.

Bend-La Pine Schools is saving slabs from the stump of the big tree that fell in the parking lot.

They plan to let students count the rings to determine how old the tree was.


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