City of Bend starts process to clear out Juniper Ridge homeless camps

The City of Bend on Wednesday will begin an “outreach process” to give 60-days notice to those who are camping on city-owned property at Juniper Ridge.

The timing is to give those with established campsites time to leave the area before the start of the a sewer line project in the area. City officials will work with social service agencies to identify and offer resources to the homeless population there.

Construction activities for the North Interceptor Sewer Line Project, which provides additional sewer capacity and improves sewer system operations, begins in mid-April.

The City recently adopted the Public Land Management Policy for Juniper Ridge, which calls for reasonable notice efforts approximately 60 days and 30 days prior to any organized removal and cleanup efforts in April as well as a 24-hour notice required by state law.

Juniper Ridge is a 500-acre industrial and business park that sits at the center of Central Oregon. The City is coordinating efforts to develop Juniper Ridge for industrial and employment uses, which includes installing the North Interceptor Sewer Line, developing infrastructure and selling land for industrial and employment development.

The site is currently home to the Les Schwab Tires corporate headquarters.

Updates on Juniper Ridge are available at The webpage also includes:

·       links for historical information about the land,

·       information on the North Interceptor Sewer Line Project, and

·        information on the urban renewal plan, including development goals.

A list of community services for individuals to access critical resources during their transition out of the Juniper Ridge area will be added to the Juniper Ridge webpage as information is available.



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