City of Bend prepares winter plan for plowing and sanding streets


Winter weather is on the way, and the City of Bend has a plan for maintaining the streets when it gets snowy.

During winter snow operations, the City’s Streets and Operations Division prioritizes the highest-use streets that accommodate the most drivers and access hospitals, major employment areas, schools and transit routes. Those streets will receive de-icing, sanding and plowing first. More plowing information and maps are available on the City of Bend’s website.

During extreme storms, it may be necessary to prioritize clearing high-use streets, which could mean postponing lower priority routes, according to Anne Aurand, communications director with the City of Bend.

Lower-use streets, such as local residential streets, are lower priorities.

Winter weather in Bend can range from inches to feet of snow and conditions can vary across town. The city plans budgets and resources for the average winter and adjusts operations for occasional extreme storms.

The City maintains 865 lane miles with two daily work shifts, 17 snow plow operators per shift, 24 pieces of equipment, which range from light-duty pickups to medium-duty dump trucks to heavy-duty trucks with plows.

To determine what operations are needed for any storm, the streets and operations division manager considers snow accumulation, moisture content, presence of sleet, freezing rain or hail, temperatures and forecasts, Aurand said.

Contractors are typically called to help plow local residential roads during the occasional extreme storm events.


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