City of Bend creates ‘pop-up’ Neighborhood Greenway routes


The City of Bend is creating pop-up Stay Healthy Streets to help people cooped up by COVID-19 to get outside and exercise by walking and biking in neighborhoods.

The plan is to enhance the Neighborhood Greenways network and encourage folks to spread out rather than heading out and concentrating on popular trails.

“I’m hearing from families who want to get outside with their families safely. This is a great opportunity to get some exercise which can help with physical and mental health during this difficult time. Stay at least six feet apart from others who aren’t in your household and wear a mask when you go out in public,” said City Councilor Gena Goodman-Campbell. “We hope everyone will take advantage of exploring their neighborhoods and finding new routes to connect to our urban trail network.”

The existing Neighborhood Greenways on NE 6th and NW 15th Streets support safe physical activity.

By extending the reach of those existing routes through strategic extensions, the city can create more space for physical distancing. The expanded network of neighborhood greenways will be supported by limiting these routes to local traffic only so that people can more comfortably walk, jog and bike.

Deploying 6 miles of neighborhood greenways with temporary controls sooner than planned, rapidly connects people to more than 22 miles of trails, 13 parks and additional natural areas while also making it easier to maintain 6 feet minimum physical distance to other people:

  • NW 15th St Neighborhood Greenway
  • NE 6th Street Neighborhood Greenway
  • Pop up neighborhood greenway routes on Roosevelt, Centennial, and Hartford.

The City will discourage drivers from using these pop-up neighborhood greenways when there are other routes they can use to access their final destination. The City asks all drivers to drive slowly and safely and expect people walking and biking along all streets. St. Charles Medical Center has limited capacity.

Tuesday and Wednesday, crews will be installing temporary traffic control signs to reduce traffic speed and volume on certain streets within neighborhoods. The routes provide a place to get outside and to connect to trails, parks and natural areas.

“The City is asking drivers to be extremely aware of more people walking and bicycling on all city streets, but particularly on Neighborhood Greenways,” said Transportation & Mobility Director David Abbas. The City is seeking voluntary compliance from drivers to help create safe and comfortable routes for families to use.

See maps and get more information at

Local traffic will be allowed on the routes and adjacent homeowners can still park on streets by their homes. Existing accesses will be maintained.


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