City Club of Central Oregon – July 2019 Forum


July 18, 2019 Forum

Talkin’ Trash – Managing our Waste in Deschutes County

July’s forum explored an important topic for our community…what do we do when our landfill is filled in 2029? We learned about what options are being discussed and education on recycling.

If you missed the forum, we’ll be posting the recording soon.

Ways you can engage?

Want more information? Explore these additional resources:

  • Our presenter, Denise Rowcroft from The Environmental Center answered many of the unanswered text questions from the forum here.
  • Rethink Waste Project is a program of The Environmental Center. Learn more about their work across Central Oregon and how you can support a healthy, sustainable future.
  • Review Deschutes County’s Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • National Geographic’s Planet or Platic? awareness campaign provides numerous articles on thier website and Deschutes County has multiple articles here.

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