▶️ City asks for public feedback on Southeast Area Plan


479 acres in Southeast Bend off Knott Road is outside of current city limits, but within the city’s urban growth boundary.

Senior planner Damian Syrnyk says the City of Bend’s Southeast Area Plan will provide land for additional jobs, schools, parks and more than 1,000 housing units.

“We’re trying to provide that housing everywhere so that people have options,” Syrnyk said. “Where they live, how they get around, and they just have more choices.”

The project is still in the planning process and the city is looking for feedback through an online open house.

“You know everything from the land use concept, to the code changes, transportation, appearance of buildings,” Syrnyk said. “All those things are things that we’re hoping to get some feedback on.”

Syrnyk says so far, responses have been minimal, even though public concern was expressed in the early phases of planning.

“Some concerns about moving from a more rural area to a more urban setting,” Syrnyk said. “And making sure we’ve got a good network of trails and streets that people can walk and ride their bike safely has been brought up.”

The city’s online open house continues through November 12th.

You can access it at www.bendoregon.gov/southeastareaplan.


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