Here’s which Christmas wrapping should and shouldn’t go in recycling

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Chances are most of you have already decided what you’re doing with your Christmas wapping supplies — tossing it, recycling it or saving it.

But if you still haven’t put it in your bin of choice for pick-up, the folks at Deschutes Recycling want to remind you to check what you’re throwing in the recycle bin.

Cardboard boxes are good.

Wrapping paper is fine if it’s not foil or coated in glitter.

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But no bows, ribbons, bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. 

“That can create a problem as far as like tinsel or plastic wrap or bubble wrap because they can get caught our equipment that bales the recycling and that can cause damage to the equipment,” said Rusty Davis, Deschutes Recycling Operations Manager.

Knott Landfill will also take your Christmas Lights and electronics at the recycling facility. 

Here is a link to more Dos and Don’ts.


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