▶️ Bend charity needs Christmas Tree donations due to supply chain issues


The Christmas Tree Project works to provide free and decorated Christmas trees to families in need. Lindsay Greco with the charity says she does not have enough trees to accomplish her goal.

“We serve typically about 100 families a year. Currently I have 30 trees,” Greco said. So, the local community and tree farms will inevitably assist in that need that I have.”

Christmas trees have been harder to come by for the project in recent years. 

“The last couple of years due to droughts, there have been a limitation in trees,” Greco said. “We need tree donations, tree stands, anything you can think of to decorate the tree. But most importantly trees themselves.”

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Any volunteer help is also greatly appreciated Greco says.

“Volunteers are always very important. We need volunteers to help load trees onto cars. We need help from volunteers to help serve the families that come to pick up their items. There are so many various needs.” 

Those interested in volunteering can apply here.

Local Christmas tree stands also see the effects of shorter supply, just on a lower level.

“Maybe a few less trees than last year, but we’re on track for another good season,” Candy Cane Christmas Tree Co. Manager, Luke Buerger said.

The stand has also had to raise their prices a bit from last year. 

“They’ve gone up a little bit. Anywhere from 5-20%,” Buerger said. 



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