▶️ Advice with 5 days left until Christmas? ‘Shop local’


The holidays are upon us and last minute shopping is here. 

“We’re all running on fumes because we’re so busy,” said Letty Lees, owner of Learning Express Toys.

This family-owned shop is expecting holiday shoppers up until the final hour on Christmas Eve. 

“We’ve had over, almost over, 600 tickets in the last two days,” said Lees. She added, “That’s a lot more than usual.”

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Fortunately, Lees has some good advice for those who are fighting the clock.

“Shop local because there is no Amazon Prime here in Bend, Oregon,” said Lees. “You’re looking at a three day wait, if you even get it at all.”

We went to the Old Mill District and asked if the people walking around there had any shopping left to do.

“We are not done. In fact we’re heading this way to do some of our Christmas shopping right now,” said Louise with her two sons, Marco and Ti. “We hope to be done with our Christmas shopping by Thursday.”

“I’m all done, and heading up to Seattle to spend Christmas with my family,” said Patt with her husband.

“I do have all of my shopping done. Do you boys?” asked Kelly. Her son River responded “yes.”

“I do, absolutely I do,” responded both Lena and her mother, Gay Marie, at the same time. “We’re traveling so we’re mostly doing a white elephant gift exchange for our family this year for the adults.”

“I purposely got it done early because we were going to be out of town up here this week and we’re going straight into a celebration with family right after and don’t want to rush or be stressed,” explained Catherine who was accompanied by her husband and children. 


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