▶️ People who decorate early for Christmas tend to be happier, study finds


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

“Christmas is coming,” said Santa Claus. “We’ve got to have enough time to go see all the kids and make all the visits, make the toys fit the round. Set out. Check the nice list. Check the nice list again. You know, it’s crazy at this time of year.”

Kris Kringle and the Christmas spirit were at Coastal in Redmond Monday night, three days before Thanksgiving.

For some, taking out that Christmas tree is too early.

“Post-Thanksgiving because it should hit December before they start putting Christmas up because we’re still focused on Thanksgiving,” said Jason from Redmond.

“We’re not going to decorate ’til after Thanksgiving,” said Brianne of Redmond. “You got to do Thanksgiving first, then you can decorate.”

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And while some may agree, a new study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology finds that the sooner you put out your Christmas decorations, the happier you will be.

For locals Joe, Malory and the family, they hang up the stockings as soon as they roll away the Halloween pumpkins.

“October 31, November 1,” said Joe and Malory of Redmond. “My favorite parts. The lights. My favorite part is the blow-ups. My favorite part is Santa.”

So, putting up the lights and snowman decorations out early could jump-start that joy.

The study also claims that people who decorate outside their homes are viewed as friendlier and more approachable than those who don’t decorate.

“I got some hot cocoa, a cookie and a candy cane,” said young Emily.

“I love the holidays! It gives me a chance to cook, make eggnog, that sort of thing. Celebrate family, togetherness.”

But no matter when you decorate here in Redmond, the Holiday spirit is alive and well.


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