▶️ Chick-fil-A employees gearing up for ‘super chaotic’ grand opening



Chick-Fil-A is finally opening in Bend. And the only people more ready than the customers, are the employees.

“It’s been really fun so far, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Sixteen-year-old Syvanna Kasowski is one of 92 new Chick-Fil-A employees in Bend.

While some work behind the scenes, you’ll likely see her smiling face the moment you step inside.

“I’ll be working the front, like the front of the house. So I’ll be doing either the drive-thru or the front counter or bagging or putting together the orders and stuff,” Kasowski said.

This location has been months in the making.

That includes training employees like Kasowski.

“Chick-Fil-A and corporate actually provides a great deal of support, flying certified trainers in from around the country to help the operator get stood up and train our team,” said store owner Todd Keller. “In fact, it’s going on in the kitchen back there right now.”

Although this isn’t Kasowski’s first fast-food gig, she found interacting with corporate super helpful.

“It was really cool just to kind of hear from their perspective,” she said. “Like different places that they’ve helped open and see how they thought it was chaotic, and just it was cool to hear it from a more professional perspective.”

If you’re in the mood to “eat more chicken,” Chick-Fil-A Bend says don’t expect a shortage of crowds on opening day.

“They kind of just said be prepared for it to be completely insane. Just because everybody’s going to be going there on open day, and yeah, it’s expected to be super chaotic,” Kasowski said. 

As Thursday approaches, the crowds aren’t the only thing Syvanna has to get used to.

“We try to be as formal as we can, and more kind to the people around us,” said. “So instead of saying you’re welcome, we say “my pleasure.” And I have not gotten used to it yet. I still have a bad habit of saying “you’re welcome” or “yep, no problem.” But it’ll come.”

Chick-fil-A Bend opens Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m.


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