▶️ Chick-fil-A announces opening date; city planning for traffic issues


You heard the rumors it was coming, watched the construction begin, and saw the iconic logo appear.

Now, the long-awaited Chick-fil-A restaurant has officially announced an opening date: January 23rd.

The popular chain is expected to be busy, not just during opening week, but year round. What happens to an already busy parking lot when it does open? How will traffic flow through the area? Well that’s where the city comes in.

“We discussed the potential impacts of the opening day,” said Ryan Oster with the City of Bend. “They have a couple plans in place and number one is to try and maximize as much of the space on the interior lot as they can. And then if it does bleed out into the public right of way, we’ll implement the second phase of that plan which is actually utilizing a lot of Nels Anderson Road.

There will be two options for drivers coming off of Robal Road with one route for those who want to dine in, and another for those who want to go through the drive thru.

When In-N-Out opened in Keizer last month, city officials warned excited patrons that the wait could be hours long.

Despite Chick-fil-A’s popularity, the city doesn’t expect that to be the case here in Bend upon opening.

“That In-N-Out in Keizer is the closest one to the Portland area so there’s a large draw that comes down I-5,” Oster said. “In this case, it’s definitely new to Central Oregon but not new to the Portland area or I-5.”

The city will continue working with Chick-fil-A reps leading up to the restaurant’s opening.

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