▶️ Chasing Magic: Jim Belushi finds happiness on Eagle Point cannabis farm


He’s a television and film actor; a writer, producer, singer, and comedian with roots in skit-comedy at “Second City” and “Saturday Night Live.”

And Jim Belushi is also a full-time pot-farmer, or as he would rather call it, a “cannabis farmer.”

He’s sold his house in L.A. and considers himself an Oregonian now.

He calls Eagle Point, north of Medford, his home and that’s where he owns 93 acres on the Rogue River, the site of “Belushi’s Farm” where he grows Grapefruit Kush, Black Diamond OG, and other strains of marijuana.

It’s also the setting for his Discovery Channel reality/comedy show. 

We spent the day on the farm with him recently and, as you can imagine, it did not disappoint.

More excerpts from our interview with Jim Belushi:


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