▶️ Chalk the Walks Spread Positivity Right Under Your Feet


Volunteers around the world, including here in Central Oregon took part in “Chalk the Walks” on Tuesday.

It’s an effort to provide encouraging messages to the community, right under your feet.

For the first time, Heart ‘N Home Hospice in Bend and La Pine joined the St. Charles Cancer Center in spreading cheer to those battling cancer and their families.

“Kind of the whole point is to write happy words, happy messages, beautiful pictures; really anything that you feel would put a smile on somebody’s face,” said Melissa Grinols of Heart ‘N Home. “I think sidewalk chalk brings back a simpler time in our life, when we were kids and how carefree sidewalk chalk can be.”

Grinols acknowledges “hospice” can be a scary word, but she hopes things like this show how much of their work is focused on living, not dying.

Chalk Walks take place the second Tuesday of August. It was started by the Joy Team in 2011.




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