▶️Central Oregon Veterans Ranch launches peer support group for those with PTSD


The Central Oregon Veterans Ranch is adding more to their toolbox of support. It’s a peer support group where veterans can share experiences that others in the group can relate to.

“In my own experience in dealing with post-traumatic stress, you feel very alone,” peer support specialist and veteran Eric Hardin said. “You feel like you’re the only person dealing with that stuff. Maybe there’s someone out there that needs to hear that they’re not the only one dealing with it. Lots of people deal with it, and it is something you can grow through.” 

The Central Oregon Veterans Ranch is a non-profit organization aimed at restoring purpose and spirit to those who served.

“It’s about helping people heal. Heal in any way. If it’s playing with llamas and hanging out with them. If it’s plowing a field. Or if it’s just talking around a fire. Just helping people get back to who they want to be,” Hardin said.

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The group will meet for the first time on Wednesday.

“It’s shown that it’s a proven way to help veterans. There’s that trust that you don’t really have to build any more because knowing that those two individuals have that mutual connection, it’s leaps and bounds over sitting in front of a therapist,” operations manager for the organization, Adrian Delarosa said.

Meetings will be held weekly, every Wednesday at 4 p.m. No RSVP is required. You can simply show up, if interested. The ranch is located at 65920 SW 61st Street in Bend.


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