Central Oregon to benefit from youth crisis line funding


Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on Saturday announced $432,000 in federal funding for a statewide youth mental health crisis line. 

The Lines for Life organization will use the money for Oregon’s YouthLine, which is operated by 170 teen volunteers. 

“I heard right away from teachers and community members, young people, school councilors, teachers, parents and more about the mental health crisis in their Oregon communities,” Wyden said Saturday. “And of course each child’s mental health challenges ripple out many times over into the lives of parents and brothers and sisters and loved ones.”

KGW reports that $100,000 of the funds will go towards an expansion of the program and call center in Central Oregon. 

An additional $135,000 will provide nine training sessions over the course of a year, including four in Central Oregon. 

Another $25,000 will allow YouthLine to supply work studies for marginalized youth, including Indigenous youth on the Warm Springs Reservation. 

If you or someone you know is going through a mental health crisis, Lines for Life is available 24-7 at (800) 273-8255.

You can reach YouthLine at (877) 968-8491.


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