▶️ Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show brings back trout pond for kids


Sending me to the Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center is like sending a kid into a candy store.

“There’s no other show like this in the country because of this magnificent backdrop that we have with the cascades and the Three Sisters.” said Trey Carskadon, one of the event organizers.

“It’s a gorgeous show. Stunning. It’s the second largest event in Deschutes County. And that we draw a lot of people from all over the region and Northern California come to participate in this show. The exhibitors come from literally all over the world,” said Carskadon.

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And one of its most adorable attractions is back.

“So after a three year hiatus, the trout pond is back for the kids. So kids 12 and under can fish for free with admission into the show,” said Carskadon.

The show runs through Sunday and tickets can be bought either online or at the show itself. And one demographic of attendees has been rapidly expanding in the last five years.

“It’s the fastest-growing category in outdoor recreation and fishing and hunting specifically is limited. And so we’re seeing more and more women, more and more families, younger folks coming to the show, which is wonderful. They’re the future of these industries and also of our fish and wildlife resources,” said Carskadon.

There’s a lumberjack exhibit, hunting, fishing, outfitters — just about everything a person could need or want, who enjoys getting out in mother nature.

“it’s good to be back and there’s more than ever to see at the show this year. And we hope people join us and see,” said Carskadon.


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