▶️ Goodbye, summer: School year begins in Central Oregon


School is back in session this week, leaving kids, parents and staff excited for the new school year. It comes after two years of disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re super excited,” Cassi Ryan said. “Our little guy is going into kindergarten. He’s so bored at home. We’re ready.”

Redmond School District Superintendent Dr. Charan Cline agreed, saying Redmond schools are ready to welcome students back into the buildings and work on establishing relationships with them.

But some parents are taking another route to education — bypassing the public school system.

“We understood what public school was and what we got out of public school, and we don’t like where public school’s been going,” Laura Wegner said.

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Wegner, who has a child going through a home school program, disagrees with what she says is being taught in the public curriculum.

“The things that public school teaches are inaccurate,” she said. “You know, Columbus was not the first person on the continent.” 

Wegner went on to praise the Forsight Home School Program for its hands-on approach it takes to educating her daughter.

“She’s active most of the day,” Wegner said. She’s not made to sit all day long and do her studies. They can move around. They can be themselves. They’re outside.”

Whether it’s public, home or private school, most children in Oregon will be back in classrooms of one kind or another by the end of the week. 



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