▶️ ‘Bolt wars’: Man’s mission to remove bolts riles Central Oregon climbers


Shawn Snyder has made it his mission for the last 25 years to remove what he says are improperly placed or unsafe bolts from rocks in local climbing areas. 

His most recent target is the Meadow Camp area. It has caused an uproar in the rock climbing community. 

“It shows already with experience here the people that are doing this don’t have enough experience to even put them in let alone remove them or take care of them,” said Snyder, a self-identified bolt regulator. 

The removal, chopping and denting of bolts has had an impact on the Central Oregon climbing community, not everyone likes it.

Jen Rule, a local climber, found damaged and detached bolts, anchors and chains during one of her last climbing trips at a different site.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to climb that day.

“We won’t use it. We won’t climb on them, my community of friends. We won’t risk it at all. It’s not worth your life,” said Rule.

Locally, the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management says it does not have specific regulations for fixed climbing gear in rocks.

The legality of the removal or placement of bolts and anchors is determined by individual areas and should be researched before climbing. 

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