▶️ Central Oregon fire information for Thursday, Aug. 4


The following is information from multiple official agencies about fires in Oregon as of 11:30 a.m.  on Thursday, Aug. 4. These include Central Oregon Fire Information, Willamette National Forest and Wasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Cedar Creek Fire

The Cedar Creek Fire, caused by lightning over the area in the last few days, is about 1,200 acres and approximately one mile west of the Black Creek Trailhead on the 2421 road, about 17 miles due east of Oakridge, Oregon, west of Waldo Lake, and north of Highway 58. The fire continues to be very active, moving north, spotting in all directions and putting up a large plume visible from Oakridge. The PNW 2 Type 1 Team, with Incident Commander Mike Minton, will be taking the fire and will in-brief Thursday evening.
There is an emergency closure order for the Cedar Creek Fire. Forest users are asked to avoid Forest Roads 2421 and 2424. Also closed are all trails and trailheads on the west side of Waldo Lake including Black Canyon, Cupit Mary, Waldo Mountain, Gander Lake, Winchester Lake and the west side of Waldo Lake Trail from South Waldo Shelter to Rigden Butte Trail.

Green Butte Fire

Firefighters responded to Incident #537, the Green Butte Fire, on the evening of Tuesday, August 2. The fire is located on the Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District on the Deschutes National Forest approximately 13 miles southeast of La Pine and approximately two miles northeast of Spring Butte. The fire is currently mapped at 22.9 acres and 0% contained.

Yesterday firefighters stopped forward progress and completed the installation of a hose line around the fire. Due to increased complexity, a local Type 3 Incident Management Team led by Incident Commander Andrew Myhra will take command of the fire today. 

Resources assigned to the Green Butte Fire include the Prineville Hotshots, two hand crews, four engines, three water tenders, and one dozer. Air resources are available if needed.

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Fly Creek Fire

There were no changes on the 274-acre Fly Creek Fire overnight, it remains 80% contained. This fire is located near Balancing Rock along the Metolius arm of Lake Billy Chinook on the Deschutes National Forest. Resources will be on scene again today mopping up and working to increase containment. Air support will be available if needed. Portions of Lake Billy Chinook may be closed for public safety if air resources need to dip out of the lake. The Level 1 evacuation notice for the Three Rivers area and the Level 3 evacuation notice for the Perry South and Monty Campgrounds remain in place. For information on evacuations, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/JeffersonCountyORSheriff.

Miller Road Fire

Wasco County, OR – OSFM Task Forces and ODF crews completed their first 24-hour work cycle. Crews worked to create fire containment lines and were supported by air operations. Dozer lines and hand lines were established in the southeast corner of the fire near Ditch Road and Natural Pasture Road. Additional lines were also completed to the north near Old Wapinitia Road.
Firefighters called in aircraft for retardant and water drops to assist with fire suppression and containment.
Late into the afternoon, the fire spotted over the line east of Batty Road and west of Old Wapinitia Road in a field of wheat. Crews and land- owners were able to extinguish it and back burn to create some black.
With great sadness, we are reporting one primary residence was lost to the fire. Fire crews were working to protect the structure at the time. High winds and ember showers were present.
Four Task Forces and one dozer were assigned evening shift. There were no new starts, and the fire did lay down. Today, firefighters will begin the mop-up process on the heal of the fire, along west Miller Road. They will be checking for hot spots and increasing the control line.
Cooler conditions are expected today with temperatures reaching 82-85 degrees. Westerly winds are predicted to be 5-10 mph. Minimal relative humidity recovery overnight. The weekend forecast predicts temperatures increasing to 100 degrees
We are grateful for the cooperation and support of the Wasco County community, ODF partners, BLM cooperators and the firefighters dedicated to this incident.
An evacuation shelter has been established at the Dufur High School, 802 NE 5th Street.
Wasco County Sheriff’s Office evacuation details can be found by visiting https://www.facebook.com/WascoCountySheriff.

Juniper Creek Fire

The firefighters have maintained 50% containment on the 1.6-acre Juniper Creek Fire. This fire is located roughly 10 air-miles south of the Fly Creek Fire and resources will be on scene again today extinguishing hot spots and strengthening control lines. Incident 535 which is located roughly 20 miles southeast of Bend and north of Hwy 20 was contained yesterday at 0.5 acres.

Windigo Fire and Potter Fire

Fire growth on the Windigo and Potter Fires was minimal yesterday. Air and ground resources continued to work on initial attack addressing 14 lightning strikes and multiple spot fires outside of the fire perimeters. The start near Little Dome Rock is now being referred to as the Shelter Fire. It is currently three acres and 80% lined around the perimeter. The La Grande Hot Shot crew was able to fully contain an additional small fire.
The Windigo Fire is currently pushing east around the butte. Water hose was put along the southeast corner as well as one load of fire retardant. Eastside resources such as the Zig Zag and Baker River Hot Shots will work on primary and alternate lines to keep the fire west of the Pacific Crest Trail. Staff on the northwest side will continue to lay hose and monitor the perimeter.
Yesterday, crews on the Potter Fire continued to clear roads and create connecting lines around the perimeter. Today, resources will be focusing on improving line and scouting for ways to go more direct. Initial attack will continue in both areas with the support of two Type 1 helicopters and one Type 3 helicopter.
Fire behavior will continue to be moderate with a high temperature of 80 expected for the Windigo Fire and a high of 75 expected for the Potter Fire. West winds will be between 5-9 mph with gusts of up to 20 mph on ridge tops. Fire spotting distances may be up to ¼ – ½ mile. For information about air quality visit https://fire.airnow.gov/.
Windigo Fire
  • Acreage: Approx. 1,093 acres
  • Containment: 0%
  • Location: 20 miles southwest of La Pine, OR
  • Cause: Under Investigation
Potter Fire
  • Acreage: Approx. 125 acres
  • Containment: 0%
  • Location: 8 miles northeast of Toketee area
  • Cause: Lightning
Area closures and restrictions include:
  • Pacific Crest Trail from OR Highway 138 (PCT mile 1848) to OR Highway 58 (PCT mile 1908)
  • Forest Service Road (FSR) 60 from the junction with FSR 6020 on the Deschutes National Forest to FSR 2612 on the Umpqua National Forest
  • Forest Service Road (FSR) 2610 from Lemolo Dam to Calapooya Mountain
  • Kelsey Horse Camp on the Umpqua National Forest
  • White Fish Horse Camp on the Deschutes
  • Toketee Air Strip
  • Temporary Flight Restriction over the two fires

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