▶️ Sno-parks close to make room for crews working the Cedar Creek Fire


At Wanoga Sno-Park on Saturday, bulldozers and trackhoes replaced snowmobile trailers as the recreation site turned into a staging area. 

As more fire crews and equipment roll in to fight the growing Cedar Creek Fire, more parking is needed.

The official fire information Facebook page for the fire lists severals sno-parks along the Cascade Lakes Highway as temporarily closed.

Those parks include Edison Butte, Kapka Butte, Virginia Meissner, and part of Wanoga.

The lower (east end) parking area at Wanoga remains open to access popular summer mountain bike trails.

Swampy Lakes Sno-Park remains open at this time.

The influx of fire equipment comes as an incident management team from Alaska set up shop at Mount Bachelor’s Sunrise Lodge to tackle the fire on the east.

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